Meet Your Neighbors: Audrey and Andrew

We are so excited to chat with your neighbors - Audrey Parr and Andrew Le Blanc. Both are new to Little Rock, moving from Texas last year. The couple found their new home at Downtown Dwellings' Cathedral Park, a former Greek Orthodox church that still has many of the original architectural features, including the stained glass windows. Audrey said the windows is what pulled her in when she first saw the apartment. She said she had not seen anything like the unique apartment or thought they would be living in a church! They love how it's not a cookie-cutter home that makes them feel like they live in a box in suburbia. The couple loves the exposure to new experiences, people, and the diversity of Downtown Little Rock.

The couple met a year before they graduated from Texas Tech in May 2019. In July 2019, they moved to Little Rock for their work. Andrew is a chemical engineer, and Audrey is an industrial engineer. Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, their move to Little Rock was their first time in Arkansas. Only in Little Rock for a year, the couple will be moving to their next destination in August 2020. While they are here, they love being outside in Arkansas, especially exploring the different places to go hiking. They also love cooking together, especially breakfast. Some of their favorite Downtown restaurants are Three Fold Noodles, Flying Fish (fish tacos!!!), Loblolly Creamery, and Community Bakery (did someone say donuts??)

The couple also loves animals. Their furry family member is their cat, Lucy. She loves to play fetch up and down the stairs and to play in the recycle bin. They travel to see Audrey's parents in Texarkana, to visit the horses and cattle, and of course the parents! If you see this wonderful couple out and about, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself!

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