Meet the Neighbors: Waltin Zomaya

Pharmacist, clothes, shoemaker, and drag queen, Waltin Zomaya has an interesting and exciting life! Little Rock native, Waltin has lived in Kramer School Lofts since 2017.

During pharmacy school, Waltin dealt with rejection and discrimination for being gay. He found acceptance and friendship at Sway and embraced his life and love of drag. He also finds acceptance from Jill, Mark and the entire Downtown Dwellings team, who all support and love the LGBTQ community.

Since Covid19, Waltin has been traveling out of town to work at a pharmacy two days a week. And with Sway's temporary closure, he was looking for a way to fill his days. Channeling his creative side, he started making clothes, specifically corsets and bustier and shoes for himself and fellow drag queens.

Downtown Little Rock, with its culture, food and entertainment, is a favorite for Waltin, especially South on Main. But he does love being at home with his cat, Drogon; he cooks, makes cocktails and enjoys video games. But home at Kramer Schools is easy to do because he loves the architectural elements like the high ceilings, hardwood floors, and the modern elements.

Not sure if you catch the reference with his fur baby's name, Drogon, is a Game of Thrones reference. Unsure of how many times he has watched the series, Waltin is a GoT fan and remains team Targaryen. A fan of other fantasy genre's, Waltin's favorites also include Lord of the Rings, as represented in his stage name, Lady Kassandra the White.

Eventually, Waltin hopes to turn his passion for creating clothes and shoes for the drag world into a full-time career; he is open to a full-time pharmacist position closer to home. But for now, he will keep doing what he loves and enjoy his time in Kramer School lofts.

Be sure if you see Waltin around, say hi!!

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