Featured Residents: Anna Kimmell and Micah McClain

On this edition of meet your neighbors, we caught up with Anna Kimmell and Micah McLain who live in a loft at Kramer School. The couple moved downtown to be closer to her job at The Rep and his job at Heifer. Anna works at The Rep as their Director of Education and she is also a teacher, actress, and dancer. They love how close their apartment is to everything downtown and the SoMa district, too. They can walk everywhere. Some of their favorite spots include The Root, Three Fold, Raduno, South on Main, Arkansas Arts Center, The Clinton Library and all of the great places at the RiverMarket District.

Micah is a runner and loves to tackle all the bridges downtown. Anna is a crafter - stamps and painting, but really anything she can get her hands on. They also have a dog, Leon, they rescued that they to take to the MacArthur dog park, or some of the dog-friendly places downtown like Fassler Hall’s patio or Stone’s Throw Brewing to grab a beer and something to eat. Their favorite thing about living at Kramer School (besides it being close to everything downtown!) is the great windows, beautiful high ceilings, and the history of the space. If you see these two out and about, be sure to say hello!

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