Featured Resident: Nathan Miller

Next up on this edition of Meet Your Neighbors, we caught up with Nathan Miller. Nathan is a Restraunteur, Cyclist, and Traveler. You may have seen him getting stuff done at Raduno Brick Oven & Barroom or riding through town on his bicycle donning some sweet spandex. Nathan is from Little Rock. One day he quit his to travel to bike around the United States and do a little traveling. He lived out of his truck for quite a while and went all over the U.S. and even went to New Zealand and South Africa. When he was done biking around the world, he decided to move back to Little Rock.

“It was like coming home.” He picked an apartment at Downtown Dwellings because he wanted to live somewhere that had character and personality (he’s not a big fan of drab or clutter). Jill and Karen found Nathan a place that was the right personality for the right price in the SoMa district that is close to work.

Nathan’s favorite thing about living downtown is that he can ride his bike anywhere. His favorite downtown spots are Raduno’s, The Root, South on Main, and Lost Forty. He loves downtown and all the people in our community.

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