Featured Residents: Marion Le Callonnec, Marion Zach Robbins & Arthur Boudet

On this edition of Meet Your Neighbors, we caught up with a great set of roommates who live in the biggest loft on the top of Lofts at SoMa; Marion Le Callonnec, Marion Zach Robbins and Arthur Boudet. These three met at Dassault Falcon Jet, where they work. Marion and Arthur are from Normandy, France and Zach moved here from Florida. Marion and Zach work as engineers and Arthur works in data analysis.

Marion’s favorite things about living in Little Rock are enjoying sailing on Lake Maumelle and volleyball at Murray Park, but her favorite places to go downtown are Fassler Hall and Ernie Biggs. Her favorite thing about their loft is the community laundry. She said it is a great place to meet all of the neighbors.

Arthur’s favorite thing about living downtown is that everything is close. There is always something going on downtown on Main street. He loves that it is close to work and especially enjoys going to the farmer’s market. Arthur’s favorite place to go downtown is Dugan’s Pub. His favorite thing about living at Lofts at Soma is the neighbors.

“It’s really nice to come back from work and see people hanging out on the stairs. I’m always getting to hang out with the neighbors and meet new people”

Zach’s favorite thing about living in Little Rock is scuba diving at Lake Ouachita, hiking at Pinnacle Mountain, and playing volleyball at Murray Park. His favorite place to go downtown is the Flying Saucer. He loves the atmosphere there. The trio also likes to stay home and chill and just play video games together. They also always eat dinner together at night and take turns cooking.

Thanks for participating in our blog and being wonderful tenants.

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