Featured Resident: Kelly Furr

Welcome to our newest edition of meet your neighbors. Big thanks to Kelly Furr for letting us feature her on our blog. Kelly loves her Downtown Dwellings loft so much that she has been living in one of our lofts for over 4 years. Kelly loves her building because it’s quiet and everyone is respectful and neighborly. She said it feels really safe living there too and it gives her a sense of security.

“I just can’t believe I get to live here, I just love how my apartment looks and feels like a swanky New York apartment. I’m going to stay here for a while — I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Kelly is a fine artist doing large scale paintings and drawings and works for AF Decorative Faux Finishing as well. She also loves music. Originally, she moved downtown because she wanted to find a place to live that could function as a studio place with tall ceilings. And, she fell in love with the Downtown Little Rock SoMa district South of Main Street. Her favorite thing about living downtown is not only just the space and the way it is designed, but the old architecture with the new appliances and furnishings. She never imagined she would love living downtown, but the people in the area are really nice! She also mentioned the top notch customer service at DD! Thanks again Kelly! And thanks for sending us pictures of your loft. It is beautiful!

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