Featured Residents: Marco Zamora and Daniella Napolitano

On this edition of meet your featured residents we talked to Marco Zamora and Daniella Napolitano who moved to Little Rock from Washington D.C. When the couple moved to Little Rock, they first lived in West Little Rock and found it to be too cookie cutter for their style. They chose a Downtown Dwelling because they loved the personality of their new apartment and it was much closer to work for both of them. Daniella loves that the Arkansas Arts Center, where she works, is right down the street from their apartment. The kitchen was the selling point for them because they love to cook a lot. Daniella said the kitchen was a lot bigger than most other apartments they had seen, and she loves that and the fact that they have cheap, excellent WiFi.

Their favorite thing about living downtown is that they can walk anywhere and walk home afterwards and everything they need is so close. They were so accustomed to living in Washington D.C. where you can walk everywhere, so they felt more at home living downtown than in West Little Rock, where they had to drive or uber to get everywhere. Some of their favorite downtown spots include Loblolly Creamery, Stone’s Throw Brewing, and Hanaroo. They also love running around the Clinton Library and on the River Trail and all the other trails and places to go down by the river.

Thank both of you for being featured in our blog and letting our little community get to know you better.

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