Happy National Pet Day

I sat down with our marketing guru this week and we were talking about how we need to post a new Downtown Dwellings feature with one of our residents. We have a few in the process (if you’re interested in being featured, let us know), but none that could be completed right now. Then, it happened. Harry woke up from his nap suddenly and said, Pick me, oooh oooh, pick me, pick me! If you haven’t met Harry, he’s our office pup. He comes to work everyday and we all just love him. Here’s what Harry had to say about life in Downtown Little Rock:

Hi Harry! Are you a good boy?

Oh yes, I’m a very very very good boy!

What is it like being an only pet?

It’s alright, I like being spoiled. I get all the loves and pets and I don’t have to share them with anyone! The downside is I got nobody to blame when I chew up all the toilet paper. I heard I'm getting a new little sister soon though, so we will see how that goes.

But don't you get bored without other pets around?

Not really, I really like to lie in the floor and daydream about rabbits. And I get to work in the office with Karen, Jill, and Megan, so they always keep me entertained. Plus, I get to guard the house and that keeps me pretty busy. That darn mailman bothers my porch every day so I have to be on guard at all times! I bet me an my new sister will have a bunch of stuff to talk about though.

Where is your favorite place to go downtown?

I have to say, Paws Down, Macarthur Dog Park. I can run around and sniff all the butts I want - without a leash!!!! Wait, is it ok to say that??? Sorry for my language mom. I also like to go to the pond and watch the ducks.

What’s your favorite thing about living downtown?

Walks, walks, walks! Mark takes me for walks. Jill takes me for walks. Oh, the smells! All the smells. There’s so many dogs and burgers and fries. Oh the burgers you can smell! and Pizza! oh, pizza. So many great smells! And some of the nice humans leave water out for me. I especially love the water bowl outside Argenta Bead Shop.

Speaking of food and smells, where is your favorite place to eat downtown?

Probably the Root Cafe. And I’m going to some this one up in two words: Sausage Biscuit. We like to try all new places though! If you know of any dog friendly places in SoMa or the RiverMarket, drop a comment below. I will be sure to have Jill read me all your comments.

Jill Mark and Harry on Pinnacle Mountain

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