Meet Zack Huffman

What happens when your first introduction to downtown Little Rock is at the Green Corner Store and Loblolly Creamery? If you're Zack Huffman, you fall in love and never leave!

Zack grew up in Northern Mississippi, so small-town life is very familiar to him. From 2013 - 2016, he worked in the delta as a teacher for Teach For America. His passion for education and public service led him to Little Rock to pursue his Master's Degree in Public Service. He needed a place to live, but what he got was so much more. Finding an ad for Downtown Dwellings online, he scheduled a showing with Mark and Jill.


"I remember we met at the Green Corner Store and they instantly charmed the socks right off me," said Zack


Mark and Jill first showed Zack the Lofts at SoMa, where he instantly fell in love. Walking into the old schoolroom with the chalkboard and high ceilings was so serendipitous. Zack lived in the Lofts at Soma for about two and a half years and then transitioned to 620 Rock when he got Oakley Dean, his Golden Retriever. The side yard and larger living space worked for his new addition to the family.

Upon finishing his master's degree, he accepted a position with Teach For America to advance education policy across Arkansas and Mississippi as the Director of Development – a position that carried with it the primary responsibility of fundraising for the non-profit organization. Zack ended up relocating to another state just two years into his position at Teach For America, however, Little Rock was calling him home. And when Jill called with an offer to come to work with them, he knew it was time. He soon accepted a position as the new Property Manager. Zack still is passionate about education and education policy. But Mark and Jill's mission to build up downtown neighborhoods and reclaim downtown Little Rock as an exciting and safe place to live while restoring and rehabbing historic properties with a twist is exciting and in line with Zack's views living in downtown, especially the Downtown Dwelling commitment to going Green.


"The Downtown Dwelling Green Initiative is very much in line with my views on sustainability and the environment. These beliefs started for me when I was a child, building and racing solar cars," said Zack. He is looking forward to promoting current and future Green Initiative campaigns, including cardboard recycling and Can the Grease.


Zack still has a hand in education. Now his passion comes through introducing possible new tenants to the beautiful Downtown Dwelling homes, downtown lifestyle, and neighborhoods of downtown Little Rock including South on Main, Quapaw District and Main Street Corridor.


Zack says he loves how Little Rock is a perfect size. Large enough to get lost but quaint and personal enough to still feel like that of a small delta town, with great restaurants, arts, and most of all the fantastic people.


When you move to downtown Little Rock, Zack says two things should be at the top of your list of things to do. The first is to get to Loblolly and taste as much of their ice cream as you can stand! He has been an addict since his first visit with Mark and Jill. And the second is to take a walk, making sure to include Clinton Avenue and the new sculpture garden and the Arkansas River Trail. You can sometimes find Zack making a five-mile loop through downtown, across the Main Street bridge into Argenta and back. For him, it's the best way to clear his head.


Since joining the team as the new property manager, he is excited about moving to Little Rock from a small Mississippi town with a population of about 420. He remembers how he thought it was so lovely and exciting to explore the city. When he shows someone a property, he loves talking about the beautiful apartments and connecting them to the neighborhoods. Finding the perfect loft and location was crucial to his development and making Little Rock a home, so he loves to pass that experience on.


Zack keeps up with what is going on with education in his free time, especially right now with virtual learning so prevalent. "It is a thing and it works.", said Zack. He's a foodie who loves all of the foods, possibly frequenting the locally-owned downtown restaurants too much if there is such a thing! He is an avid reader, with historical presidential biographies being his favorite genre. His favorite thing to do is spend time with Oakley Dean. Be sure and say hi to Zack and Oakley Dean next time you see them around the neighborhood!


Everyone at Downtown Dwellings wants people to know that downtown is still very accessible, even during a pandemic. It's a walkable, safe downtown, where our local businesses follow the latest safety guidelines to ensure your safety. This safety extends to Downtown Dwellings, where you can schedule a social distanced showing or a virtual showing via FaceTime or What's App.


Want to learn more about Downtown Dwelling? Please view all of our available openings here. If you don't find what you are looking for here, we have many properties that are in the process of being restored! Give Zack a call to schedule a showing or learn more about future openings,501-580-1715 .


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