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Apply to rent an apartment?

The Application Fee is $27 for one tenant, and $40 for two.

A minimum credit score of 675 and 700 with an approved pet. One month rent is required for a security deposit on all apartments. 

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Moving to Little Rock?

Learn more about all central Arkansas has to offer! Local food, bars, entertainment and more are right around the corner when you live in Downtown Little Rock.

The Fillers House

1803 S. Louisiana St.

The Filler’s Rental cottage is an excellent example and a Craftsman home that was turned into a four-unit apartment building many years ago.  Built-in either the 1910s or 20s, this house has always been a rental. It suffered a fire 25 years ago and then owners replace the roof all wiring, plumbing, etc.  This fire destroyed the original hardwood floors, but the building was saved. Because of this, this is one of the few original Craftsman we have in our portfolio that is small-dog friendly. The floors now sport tile and engineered flooring, two surfaces our furry friends have difficulty scratching. 

The two first-floor apartments are spacious, private, and accessible from the gated parking area. The other two large two-bedroom units are on the second and third floors. The third-floor apartment includes an additional office and a private outside porch facing east with branches of a neighboring sycamore tree providing summer shade.  All the apartments at the Filler’s Cottage boast excellent storage space and all the conveniences of modern, luxury living.

See Inside The Fillers House

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