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A minimum credit score of 675 and 700 with an approved pet. One month rent is required for a security deposit on all apartments. 

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515 E. 8th Street

The Rosemary Apartments at 515 East Eighth Street first show up in Little Rock’s Directory (think phone book before phones…) in 1926.  At the time, residents are listed for seven apartments.  History can be a mystery and at this point, we don’t know if in 1926 it was an eight-plex as it is today, with one vacancy, or a seven-plex, with one of the apartments being particularly big and divided later. The building did, however, come out in the middle of the roaring 20s and the large lot size and the twelve-foot tall ceilings in these apartments tell the story of prosperity at the time of construction.  This property is the outlier in the Cromwell Court twelve-building complex. We don’t know why the Cromwell architectural firm added the RoseMary apartments to its ambitious rehabilitation project next door, but they did. Because of this, we know that all of the apartments, now definitely eight, were restored to the current code in 1979.

The Rosemary has turned out to look much better than we thought possible.  Her apartments have received a great reception from new tenants.  The kitchens and bathrooms have all been redesigned with new plumbing and electrical lines, we have also insured private washer-dryers are in all units.  The air conditioning is all-new too, not to mention energy efficient.  While the front apartments are finished, the back four apartments will be completed by end of September and we will be looking for new downtown dwellers…the quiet privacy of these back apartments leads us to believe that they will be even more popular than the front apartments. 

Sound interesting?  Let’s see how brave you are.  Ask for a viewing of these back apartments before they are completed.  We have pictures up of the front apartments (which will be very similar in finishes), but if the timing works for you, get in to see them early and be the first to live in one of these gorgeous new spaces.

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515 E. 8th Street

One & Two Bedroom Apartments Available

Newly renovated, Cromwell Court Apartments feature hardwood floors, tons of natural lights,  loft-style layout with tall ceilings and exposed beams, washer/dryer in-unit and all utilities paid. 

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